Inspiring Scholars

 I am deeply indebted to the following scholars for my ideas and inspirations. Please check their sites for their wonderful works to learn more -

New Media Technology - Social and Policy Implications

I always realize how interconnected scholarly works are - as I gratefully step on the shoulders of these admirable scholars for my works and inspirations.

W. Russ Neuman
Eszter Hargittai
Scott Campbell
Christian Sandvig
Philip Napoli
Oscar Gandy
Jerry Kang
Joseph Turow
Nojin Kwak
Steve Jackson
Cedric Laurent

School of Communication, Howard University

I am so grateful for being surrounded by the wonderful faculty members at Howard.

Faculty members at the SOC, Media Management,
Ph D program in Communication

Joint Center for Political Economic Studies

I am an associate who works with the Joint Center to develop various projects related to minority-policy and social issues. (2010-2011).