SLMC / Radio, TV, Film, School of Communications, Howard University

  • Emerging New Communication Technology
  • Communication Policy
  • Communication Senior Research Capstone
  • Introduction to Communication Theory 
  • History of Broadcasting & Film
  • Race, Gender, Media
  • Communication Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Method

Graduate Program in CCMS/Mass Communication & Media Studies, Howard University

  • Internet and Society
  • Media and Public Policy
  • Technology and Health 
  • Quantitative Research Methodology
  • Inequalities in Information Society (check: course syllabus)
  • Advanced Quan Research Skill 

  • Writing Workshop
  • For Fall 2018, Dr. Park offers a free-style seminar on how to write a conference paper. Students at any stage of writing a paper can join and get advice from Dr. Park. Instructions can include many writing tips, such as general tips on how to increase a chance of getting accepted at conference, or/and very specific advice on how to improve a quality of paper content.

    Students are often struggling to get accepted at conferences, such as ICA, NCA, AEJMC, IAMCR, and so on. Experienced scholars often find that it is not because of the quality of paper. But it is often about developing professional "fits". Successful outcome of this open seminar, where students can just drop by with (or without) their papers, will be an acceptance in one of the national conferences.

    Dr. Park helps this process and share specific tips throughout the term.
    Time: Tuesday 4:30 - 6:00

Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan

  • Evaluating Information: Quantitative Method 
  • Processes of Mediated Communication
  • Media Institutions & Structure
  • Managing the Information Environment