Current Project

My ongoing projects span the societal, cultural, and individual consequences of emerging new media system and its antecedents. These works typically invoke both quantitative and qualitative methodologies which include survey, experiment, content analysis, and institutional/policy analysis.

My projects remain anchored in various facets/stages in the advancement of new communication technology, as the viability of each stage typically hinges upon social-policy problems, esp. among under-served communities/ethnic minorities. Recently, this line of research was generously supported by Urban Communication Foundation (James Carey Urban Comm. Grant at the ICA).

Current Projects

  • Large-Scale (Big) Secondary Data Analysis: Social Media-Big Data Analytic (Twitter & Google)
  • Social Media Use and Effects - Survey and Quasi-Field Experiment
  • Privacy in Diverse Domains of Health - Real Time Observational Data   
  • Longitudinal Trend of Internet Use
  • Google projects: Survey and Content Analysis of Search Engine Uses  
  • Pierre Bourdieu Stratification and the Internet Social-Cultural Capital
  • Mobile Digital Literacy, Policy Implications and Intervention